“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

~ Anais Nin

What's This All About??

What's This All About??

Ok…  here goes nothing.  If you’re wondering what a 57 year old woman (52 in the photo), is doing posting pictures of herself on the world wide web, here it is in a nut shell.  I’ve been through experiences in the last nine years that have profoundly changed me – into a more authentic version of myself.  Because of these experiences, I’ve made a conscious decision to be comfortable in my own skin – I’ve decided to OWN my look and have some fun with it.  And the difference that all of this has made for my marriage of 35 years is mind-boggling!!  My husband (referred to as Sexy Hubby in the blog), and I have rediscovered each other sexually, and through this supercharged intimacy, brought our already strong relationship to a new level.  The scary part is that it so easily might have never happened.  I’ve discovered a world and a way of thinking that I didn’t realize was there before!  I’ve decided that this is TOO IMPORTANT not to share!!!  I invite you explore this site with only two requests.  Be open to the possibilities.  And, be true to yourself.  By no means is this a how to manual… just an amazing true story that could inspire change on some level for you. 

Carpe Diem!!    Rose

The Exciting Adventures of Sexy Red Rose


My blog tells the story of how I went from a frumpy, stressed, tired, out of shape, middle-aged woman, who didn’t really care if she ever had sex again – to a fit, confident, sexual goddess who is having the best sex of her life!!  I am closer to and more in love with my husband than ever before, and have discovered my authentic self in this process.  If you’re new, I would recommend that you read post #1.   🙂

Photos - My Personal Calendar Girl Project


I don’t know how many of you remember the movie Calendar Girls – with Helen Mirren? There is a quote that always stuck with me…. way before I ever discovered my goddess within.  Annie says, “I am 55 years old. If I’m not gonna get them out now, when am I?” That’s how I feel and I AM GOING FOR IT!!  What started out as a terrifying outside the box endeavor, has turned into a fun and inspiring experience for me!


Rose Petals ~ Thoughts and Photos Combined


Rose Petals is a creative outlet for me.  It is a combination of my favorite photos, and words of empowerment, inspiration, and validation.  They are my personal affirmations.  It’s easy to slip into old habits so if I feel a little off, I reread them and feel centered once again.  Affirmations are a wonderful tool.  Perhaps you’ll be inspired to write your own!

Sexy Red Rose (SRR) on Facebook

I use my blog to share a story told in hindsight.  In fact, the events of my Post 47 took place in 2012!  I use FaceBook as a real time means of communication.  I share what’s going on in my day to day life.  You can find my page link in the footer. 

SRR - What It Is, and the One Thing It Is Not

SRR is a SEX POSITIVE environment.    I do not promote one lifestyle over another.  Although I think it’s good to know that there are choices.  From vanilla-monogamous to poly-kinky, and everywhere in-between… as long as it is SAFE and CONSENSUAL, I say more power to you. 😉 

SRR is a place for people to learn that naked bodies and expressing your sexuality are not shameful things.

SRR is a place that lets people know that having kinky fantasies, and even acting on those fantasies does not make you a deviate or a bad person.

SRR is a place where your self care is considered a most worthy endeavor, and in fact a critically important endeavor, as you learn to love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin.  Refer to “operation eat right and exercise”.

SRR is a place that says – Take a trip outside your comfort zone every once in a while!!  But be sure your choices are true to your core self 

SRR is a safe place for men who respectfully enjoy a women’s body and sexuality.

SRR is a way of showing that even if a woman (me) enjoys sex, enjoys kink, enjoys dancing naked in a go-go cage on occasion – the bottom line is I’m just a regular person.  I’m not that different from anyone else aside from the fact that I’ve learned to be comfortable and happy with myself. 🙂

SRR believes that trust and communication are the keys to a healthy relationship.  Say what you mean, and mean what you say.  This concept is the critical component that has allowed Sexy Hubby and I to navigate all of the changes in our lives these last 5+ years.

SRR is for people who feel old at 50, or 40, or 30.  I’m here to tell you age is a number, and YOU get to decide through your actions and attitude how young you feel.  I’m proud to say I’ve survived 52 revolutions around the sun – but I FEEL 35!!    It’s what you do with what you’ve got!! 🙂

SRR is not the evangelist of alternative lifestyles.  I do not seek to validate my choices by getting people to join my club.  Does that make sense?  I do not claim to be an expert on anything.  I share my experiences because I believe that for some of you, they create a useful dialog – whether with yourself, or with a partner.  And the only thing I ask of you is to have an open mind and make choices that are true to your core self – as I have done!

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