With the implementation of “Anywhere, Anytime”, sex became a daily occurrence!  Let me repeat that for you.  We were having sex EVERY DAY!!!  Often it started in the morning.  What a delightful alternative to an alarm clock for me!!  Other times, there was that spontaneous sex while in the middle of chores.  You know, in the kitchen while making dinner, or as I’ve mentioned, in front of the washing machine.  And of course, there was always our magnificent tall bed.  The working out and eating right continued, I was feeling GREAT physically, and I had a nice smooth pussy which I was conscious of all day long!  Having at least one orgasm every day was pretty sweet too!  I was on a perpetual endorphin high!!

I thought to myself that life was good!!!  It couldn’t possibly be much better than this!!  I was wrong!!!

Hard as it may be to believe, I do have interests and time for things other than sex.  I am an avid reader.  I love to read and I read A LOT!  So back to that concept of NEW, I decided I needed to read different kinds of books than my usual.  I had always enjoyed pretty heavy duty science fiction.  Authors like Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov come to mind, along with business books. 

I had just gotten a library card for the magnificently beautiful library in our new neighborhood.  My remedy to the quest for NEW in reading was to stroll through the fiction section and randomly grab four books to check out.  This was an eyes closed endeavor.  I didn’t look at the titles, read the backs, or make any effort to determine what I had chosen.  Into my canvas tote they went, they were scanned, and brought home.  I still didn’t look at what I had and instead grabbed out the first book and read it.  At this point I can’t tell you what it was.  I’m also not sure if my “significant event” occurred with the second book or the third book.  I only know that this random act was LIFE ALTERING for us!  I mean right up there with the Dr. Oz event!! 

Significant Event Number 7:  I discovered the Romance/Erotica Genre at the Library!

The first book I read was by Jill Shalvis and it was absolutely perfect for someone like me, given where I was mentally in this adventure.  The story was about one man and one woman.  It was romantic and happily ever after in nature.  And, it was super SEXY, HOT and STEAMY!!  In my second blog I mentioned renting a porn video and how it didn’t do much for me.  Written “porn” was another matter entirely!!  I could not believe it!!  I was flabbergasted that this was something available at the library!  For free!! 

I proceeded to check out every Jill Shalvis book that was available.  And once I finished them, I went to Amazon.com and looked up her books there to find the “people who like Jill Shalvis also like”, recommendations.  I went from one author to the next in this manner. 

I can tell you that over the next several years I probably read five to six hundred books.  Sexy Hubby was really enjoying how hot and aroused this got me.  New sensations were whipping through my body! 

Ha!  I was becoming a sexually needy woman!

Library books will most assuredly appear in future blogs but let me tell you two of the benefits I discovered right away. 

First, I was getting different ideas and perspectives on the sexual experience.  This was pretty important if you think about us having been together at this point over 27 years.  It was like an erotic how to manual in a way.  My mind was opening to even more new possibilities during sex.  

Second, I now had an arsenal of erotic fantasy to draw on when the voices in my head decided to act up.  If my brain stayed engaged in this manner, in combination with the pleasure of the sexual sensations I was experiencing with Sexy Hubby, I could easily quiet the voices and enjoy myself.

I was mastering the ability to be fully in the moment!!!

To be fully engaged in the moment, and be able to savor every sensation and moment of pleasure; now that’s heady stuff.  The brain is truly your most important sex organ. 

Learning to be fully in the moment became a skill I practiced outside of sex as well.  How many of you have minds that are always “on” with many thoughts at once.  Especially the thought during a pleasurable experience that there is something else the you really should be doing?  As though, finding a little joy in your day isn’t an important priority. 

It took a few more years before I put this into words – my mantra of, “Find a Little Joy in EVERY Day.”  This is where it started.  Ha!  I’m just now realizing the connection as I edit this post.  I knew going back would be an adventure!

To be continued…

(Note:  This post was first published October 21 2012.  I have unpublished all posts relating to “the story” and am revising them with the benefit of 5 additional years of hindsight.)


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