ComfortableI’ve made a conscious decision to be comfortable in my own skin – I’ve decided to OWN my look and have some fun with it.  Just more of my go big or go home – step outside my comfort zone shenanigans!  I’ve decided to stop listening to the mainstream world that tells me I’m too old, or too tall, or my boobs aren’t big enough, yada, yada, yada…  FUCK THAT!!  I’m just fine!  (and so are you )

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Rose with a rose… (Aug 2012)

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Rose in blue…  (Aug 2012)

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Reflections of Rose…  (Oct 2012)

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Rose in white…  (Oct 2012)

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Dominatrix Rose…  (Nov 2012)

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Masquerade Rose…  (Feb 2013)

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Bondage Rose…  (Feb 2013)

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Rose in Rain Boots…  (Mar 2013)

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Rose in His Shirt…  (May 2013)

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Rose and the Antique Couch…  (May 2013)

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Rose and the Turquoise Dress…  (Jun 2013)

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Rose and the Blue Sarong…  (Jun 2013)

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Rose in the Great Outdoors – Part 1…  (Aug 2013)

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Rose in the Great Outdoors – Part 2…  (Aug 2013)

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Rose and Sexy Hubby – SRR Blog Anniversary…  (Sep 2013)

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Black Gloves and Sexy Red Roses…  (Sep 2013)

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. . . . .  2013

I’ve survived another revolution around the sun, and I’m even more comfortable with myself than I was a year ago!  It’s amazing what eating right and exercising combined with an attitude adjustment can do for a person!!  Life is wonderful if you give it the chance to be.  My advice to you is this:

     Be open to possibilities!

     Be true to yourself!

     Take a few trips outside your comfort zone!

     and… Carpe Diem!!!  





Jungle Rose… (Nov 2013)

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Rose and Holiday Lights… (Dec 2013)

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Rose in a Blue Glow… (Dec 2013)

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Biker Babe Rose… (Dec 2013)

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Rose in Polka Dots… (Mar 2014)

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