We were well over a year into this magical new reality!  It was almost the end of 2009 and we joked with each other that we were going to OBLITERATE the goal of having sex 200 times in a year.  We were on track for about 500 times!

For those of you doing the math in your head – YES, that IS more than once a day!!  You better believe it baby!!!!!


All those articles that you read about the health benefits of sex – both physical and mental – I’m here to report that they are true.  I’m certain that I was feeling as good as I did in my 30’s physically; and mentally – well I had never felt this happy for such a prolonged period of time!  It was almost euphoric.

We had celebrated our 26th anniversary the month before, yet I still felt like we were in the courtship phase of our relationship.  Do you know how good that feels, to experience sensations like that with someone you’ve been with for 28 years??  When I saw that all important episode of Dr. Oz, I could have NEVER predicted the impact it would have on our lives!  I was still reading erotic novels, and building up a store of fantasies in my head.  Sexy Hubby and I could talk about anything and everything with each other.  Our sex life was INCREDIBLE!!!!  When friends or family we hadn’t seen for a while would visit, it was immediately noticeable that something was different. 

This went way beyond just looking better.  I think our joy for life radiated off of us.


I had discovered a new author, Jasmine Haynes, and was reading a book called Fair Game – part of a trilogy.  The inkling of an idea was introduced in this story…

Fair Game was another of those novels that hooked me from page one with its steamy hotness!!  In one part of the story, the heroine and her hot guy visit a sex club.  It’s not a big part of the story – but it became a big part of my story!!  I was immediately intrigued with this idea and the next time at a computer, I did a little research.  I googled sex clubs for our area, and to my surprise, there was one very near us.  I got into the club’s website and began reading.  Swingers Club?  Hmmmm…. having no idea what that was, I googled swinging.  When I saw the definition I was a little taken aback!!  This was not something I had considered before but was I ever curious!!  I’m a very analytical person, so the next thing I googled was, pros and cons of swinging.  And bingo!  I found something that was important to me.

I mentioned in the beginning of this story that we picked up and moved from the community that had been our home for 25 years and moved somewhere completely new.  We didn’t know anyone here!!  Now, a year and a half later, my relationship with Sexy Hubby was WONDERFUL, but I hadn’t made any new friends.  How do you do that in your late 40’s?  Go somewhere new and meet people?  On the list of pros was the notion that Swingers Clubs were a nice place to meet like-minded, non-judgmental people.  This appealed to me greatly!!  We were less inhibited in our relationship with each other.  It would be nice to meet people who were that way as well.

Significant Event Number 9:  I decide I need to broach the subject of visiting a Sex Club with Sexy Hubby


I had to figure out how to bring this up with Sexy Hubby.  We had come a long way in the last year and a half, but I wasn’t sure if I was crossing a line.  Nervously I told him that I had something I wanted to talk to him about.  I was almost embarrassed to have the conversation!  In fact, it took several days from mentioning wanting to talk to actually following through with it.

I couldn’t remember ever being this nervous in a conversation with Sexy Hubby.  We sat down together and I explained the mention of a sex club in my last library book.  Nothing unusual here.  I had discussed other books with him in the past.  But then I let him know that there was one in our area, and that I wanted us to go and check it out. 

He looked at me for what seemed like a very long time and finally responded.  His response was….   WHY???

To be continued…

(This post was first published November 11, 2012.  I have unpublished all posts relating to “the story” and am revising them with the benefit of 5 additional years of hindsight.)


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