SRR Blog 47-2Doctor Dreamy was my first long term lover.  Such fond memories…

We found each other on a sex website, and agreed to meet for dinner.  He was tall, dark, and handsome.  I mean seriously good looking.  We enjoyed a good meal and even better conversation.  In fact things went so well, that after dinner I took him back to the Love Shack to meet Sexy Hubby.  Sexy Hubby meeting prospects was still a part of our “rules” at the time.  Discussion between the three of us went well, so with the “interview” behind us, it was time to schedule a test drive.

Sexy Hubby made plans for himself so that I could invite Doctor Dreamy over for the evening.  It didn’t take long for us to get naked, and an evening of mind-blowing sex ensued.  Clearly both of us had experienced a wonderful time, and I was excited to see how this relationship would unfold.

But then, I didn’t hear from him! 

Dealing with rejection is a given in this lifestyle, so although disappointed – that wasn’t what caused me alarm.  What did cause me concern was the thought that my radar was so far off!!  I mean I thought FOR SURE he would contact me to plan another date!  Eventually I contacted him so I could better understand what had happened.

SRR Blog 47-1The heart of the problem was that Dr. Dreamy was a monogamous man, basically between more conventional monogamous relationships.  Even though my marital status was disclosed from the start, and even though he and Sexy Hubby had met – he decided that he wasn’t comfortable with our dynamic.  Everyone is entitled to feel what they feel.  I thanked him for letting me know, and tried to put him out of my mind.

More than a month passed when Dr. Dreamy began texting me again – eventually asking if I had room on my dance card for him.  Of course I did, but I was still curious as to what had changed??  He said that he had spent time thinking about it and believed he understood better how to perceive the situation.  That it was about enjoying the moment.  Sweet!  I was quite pleased with his change of heart.

Dr. Dreamy was a steamy hot vanilla lover.  I enjoy many things, and steamy hot vanilla sex is high on the list!  Lots and lots of kissing, and skin to skin contact.  He was also a man who LOVED to eat my pussy, and my first lover to also enjoy rimming.  I surprised myself by stopping the voices before they could even start, and just went with it.  I enjoyed all of the sensations that this man elicited from my body!  We even had one night that was a squirt fest for me.  I don’t squirt often, and usually it is from fingers, so when I squirt while we were fucking – I was quite surprised.  His response was priceless!  You’d think he had won the lottery.  By the end of that particular evening I had squirted in three different positions.  Once doggy style, once riding him, and once missionary with my legs over his shoulders.

Another fond memory was the night I cooked him dinner.  We were in the kitchen when he lifted me up onto the countertop, removed my panties, and decided I was the appetizer.  After eating my pussy, he put on a condom and fucked me there as well.  The galley style kitchen allowed me to reach my feet to the other counter, so I could more fully participate! 😉  He would tell me how he LOVED watching his big black cock slide in and out of my wet white pussy.  I have to agree, it was a beautiful contrast and fucking HOT to see!!  Dinner waited.  

One night, while basking in the afterglow, I mentioned something about my shoulder hurting – I had an impingement.  I knew my lover was a doctor, but that’s when I found out that Dr. Dreamy was in fact a Sports Medicine Doctor!  Ha!!  Foreplay, smoking hot sex, afterglow cuddle time, and then a little physical therapy stretching which helped me get better faster.  Gives a whole new meaning to playing doctor!!

SRR Blog 47-3The relationship progressed.  I’d get those delightful butterflies in my tummy when I saw him.  And he would say things to me like – “I wish I had someone like you”.  He did in fact, but I understood what he meant.  Someone like me – all to himself.

About four months into the relationship I told him that I needed to talk to him.  He thought I was breaking up!  I quickly assured him that this was not the case, and that in fact I enjoyed our time together immensely!  My concern was his desire for a true life partner.  I let him know that if he were to meet a woman who made what he and I did no longer possible, I would understand.  My only request would be that he tell me – and not disappear from my life.  I told him that when the day came, I would be momentarily sad for myself, but genuinely happy for him.  He thanked me and assured me that he would tell me if it happened.

It was about the eight month mark when Dr. Dreamy stopped contacting me.  I tend to hold people accountable, so I texted him that he needed to contact me and let me know he was OK.  After all, he was a single man who traveled a lot.  Maybe something had happened!  He finally texted back letting me know he met someone.  I congratulated him and told him that I was very happy for him.  I also let him know that it hurt my feelings that he didn’t just tell me, as we had agreed to months before.  He apologized, and that was that.

On the bright side, he got married and appears to be doing very well.  As for me…  well, I have some very wonderful memories.  And of course, I have Sexy Hubby!!

To be continued…