Much Antique Couch 5 croppedhappened over the next six months, and even though there is a lot of overlap in the timeline, I’m going to try to address things individually.  So let’s pick up where I left off with “the funk”.

I talked about the change in our financial status.  Sexy Hubby left the company he had been working for due to their cash flow issues, and we decided he should start his own company.  Our financial position was fragile, and then came more bad news!!!  Our CPA had made a BIG error on our tax return several years prior, and the state was now informing us that we owed $5000 in taxes.  SHIT!!!  My CPA told me he was very sorry – and I was left with trying to figure out how we were going to pay for this! 🙁

I contacted the state and set up a monthly payment plan over as long a period as I could – 18 months.  Then I started thinking about how we could make some extra money.  I got the idea in my head that – wouldn’t it be cool if I could somehow use sex to make money!!  Legally, of course. 😉  It just seemed appropriate.

We investigated the idea of web-camming as a couple.  We filled out the necessary paperwork as these things are heavily regulated.  My paperwork was approved quickly, and we were still waiting for Sexy Hubby to be approved.  Eventually we decided I would get this started on my own.  And that’s how it stayed.

Here I was again!!  WAY OUTSIDE MY COMFORT ZONE!!!  Who the hell was going to not only watch, but also PAY, to see a fifty year old woman on a cam site??

Nervous as I was, I strategized as to how I would approach this new adventure.  My first decision was that I would not have some fake persona while camming.  I would just be myself in terms of personality and interaction.  I only cammed in two to three hour blocks of time.  And – I wasn’t going to have any fake orgasms.  Yes – lofty goals – (hee hee), but I stuck to the guidelines that I set up for myself.

I cammed from my bed and used our TV for a monitor, so I could see without my glasses on.  I could be heard by those watching, but all of their interaction with me had to be read off of the TV screen.  Dressed in sexy panties and a lacy camisole top, I began.  Men entered the chat room, and some stayed!!  Of course, I also had a few toys in view as well – my butt plug, dildo, and a vibrator.  Yeah… that caught their attention too.  The number of men who had tagged my profile as a favorite steadily grew!

Here are some of the experiences that I had…

Zebra7FB cropped1.  There were many men who were just plain lonely, and appreciated having someone to talk to.  That wasn’t a money making opportunity for me, but really, I was glad to be able to offer some company.  There were men that I talked to almost every time I was on because if I was a “favorite” of theirs, they’d get notified when I performed.

2.  Younger men…. LOTS of younger men, with older woman fantasies.  Really! I had no idea!!  I did make some money this way. 😉  I’d play with myself, and talk dirty.  They would let me know if they wanted me to use my toys.  Often they’d ask me to back into the camera so they had a close up of my ass and could imagine that they were fucking me doggy style as they masturbated.

3.  Men with a foot fetish was another common draw.  Those kinds of facts were in my profile – height, weight, bra size, shoe size – you get the idea.  Some men paid to have me hold my feet up to the camera so they could see the bottoms.

4.  One man was so intrigued with my height that he would ask me to put on my highest heels (7″), and position the camera so that he could see me stand in a doorway with my head brushing the top of the door jamb.  He paid me to do this at least four different times!

5.  There was also a cam to cam feature, so on occasion, I could see the person I was interacting with.  I can imagine what the stereotype is, but wow, some of these men were smoking hot, articulate, polite, and our cam sex was fun!

6.  One time I had a pre-announced scene where you could pay to be in the “room”.  The draw was that I was going to play with my toys and orgasm twice in ten minutes.  Now remember… I decided no fake orgasms, AND, I can take a while, so this took some BIG concentration.  I let the guys know that once I started, they’d be watching but I wouldn’t interact.  I had to focus, and having to look at the TV screen would interfere.  I used all three toys.  I inserted the butt plug in my ass, slid the dildo in and out of my pussy with one hand, and used my vibrator on my clit with the other.  It was HARD work but I did it!!  And then I was challenged to do it again!  I ended up having four monster orgasms in just under 40 minutes.  That might not be a big deal for some women but it was for me.  I was a sweaty wet limp noodle by the end, but my cheering section was proud of me. 🙂

I never questioned people’s kinks and fetishes.  If it was something I was ok doing – I did.  If I really felt uncomfortable, I politely declined and asked if there was something else I could do.  That didn’t happen often. 😉  I think I cammed for about 3 months, and while I didn’t make all the money I needed, I made a chunk.

My experiences with the men that visited me on this site were directly responsible for one of the items on my “What Is SRR” list.

6. SRR is a safe place for men who respectfully enjoy a women’s body and sexuality.

I never treated them like dirty old (and younger) men, and even with all of the sexual shenanigans, I almost always felt that I was treated respectfully.

I have absolutely NO REGRTS about my web camming adventure.  It was a FASCINATING learning experience!!  I mean truly fascinating!!!  I set out to make some money, and the experience became so very much more.  Overall I think men get a bad rap.  More of the media bullshit that we are all inundated with.  In fact, next post I’m addressing the statement, “ALL HE WANTS IS SEX”. 

And then of course it’s back to my story. 🙂

To be continued…